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About Natural Health Ohio

The Natural Health Center started in 1992 as Nitschke Chiropractic. Over the last 30 years, additional postgraduate studies introduced many alternative and effective techniques that drove an evolution into what we are today.

Years ago, chiropractic adjustment could and did remove interference to health. It also resulted in many miraculous healings. In today’s modern times there are more reasons to experience stress.

  • Stresses from the daily pace of life,
  • stress at work and an increasingly toxic environment.
  • Nutritionally deficient foods due to depleted soils, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics combine to contaminate our bodies, minds and spirits.
  • Super virus and bacteria that never existed years ago have been cultured and created due to this constant onslaught of better life through chemistry mindset of today.

Better for us usually translates into better for the producer, by lowering processing costs but decreasing the nutritional value of the product. We are all led to believe that there is a chemical concoction or pill for every illness or condition. Both the medical community and the people (That’s most of us!) who are exposed to today’s advertising are becoming brainwashed by pharmaceutical companies or their local representatives.

When fast foods started years back, businesses like McDonalds or Pizza Hut or Burger King and many others never intended to effectively poison their customers with the “chemicalized” nutrient deficient, hormone and antibiotic laden ‘stuff’ (Can’t call it food!) that competition and the need for speed and convenience has produced. Over 80% of Americans are overweight as a result of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD); and it certainly is sad!

Natural Health Center’s primary focus has become nutrition and detoxification, including detecting and handing mold problems. We also recognize the link of health problems to emotions.

Natural Health Center has effective and uniquely different procedures to address symptoms and complaints; evaluating each case to determine underlying causes. Symptoms are signals that something is not working; but just turning off symptoms as prescriptions do, does not correct the problem. If you’ve been working knee-deep in chemicals for the past several years and/or drinking DIET colas because they have the word DIET in them be aware they also contain Aspartame with 92 known side effects that includes increasing your cravings and thereby inhibiting your ability to lose weight! Natural Health Center can evaluate, find root causes, prioritize and offer a solution. ¬†Call us for a FREE Evaluation today!

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Our Mission Statement

To assist everyone and anyone desiring an optimum state of health through natural and/or alternative health care, to avoid the negative side effects of prescription drugs and surgery.