Client Testimonials

Here are Testimonials from many of our patients:

Prior to seeing Dr. Lon, I was in an extreme state of stress, physically and mentally, due to what my Cleveland Clinic doctor referred to as Post-cardiac surgery PTSD.  For me this equated to severe and frequent debilitating panic attacks, tremors, inability to cope, go outside or do much of anything other than be in a dark quiet room!

As a result of Dr. Lon’s exceptional skill to “listen” with the intent to “hear,” the messages my body was strongly desiring to convey, along with his kind and very compassionate demeanor, I’m better able to be in public, have significantly less panic episodes and significantly better sleep.  Within the first few sessions there was a noticeable improvement and the difference is really quite amazing.  I’m certain in our continued work together I will have 100% return to health and vitality.

Melody Parke

Before I had met Dr Nitschke, I had been struggling with sleep issues and was not able to stay asleep after waking up in middle of the night.  I was also struggling with bouts of tearfulness prior to my periods, which had also started to become irregular.  Since meeting regularly with Dr, and working on these issues in ways that help balance my system and open my body’s lines of communication, I am able to sleep better, no longer have bouts of tearfulness and my cycle is normalizing.
Thank you, Dr. Nitschke for helping me find my balance and bringing me back to myself!!  PLS

Before:“I just didn’t feel well. I felt sluggish, bloated, my mind was foggy, and my digestive tract was not working normally.”

NOW:  “Since starting this wellness regimen and treatment, improvement has been steady for all
areas. Implementing a diet that is specific to my needs has had a dramatic physical effect.
Going through the emotional releases has helped greatly with handling stress. I am truly happy I found this form of chiropractic and total wellness care.” ~  Margie

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Nitschke’s for quite some time now, I think over 7 years.  I have always come to him for adjustments and energy work.  He has always been SPOT ON with my diagnosis.  Finding my dairy allergy, dust mite sensitivity and now the latest…

In July I started having food poisoning episodes (or what felt like food poisoning).  They seemed to happen once every 2 weeks or so and went on from July through October.  I didn’t think much of it since I have had food poisoning so many times in the past.  On one of my visits I asked Dr. Lon to check my Gallbladder because I thought maybe that was the culprit.  He tested me and said no it’s strong so we did further testing and found out that I’m extremely reactive to peanut oil!  I would have NEVER guessed that nor found that out on my own.  Going back to this Summer I realized that the girls and I would treat ourselves to Chick-fil-A approximately every 2 weeks.  Guess what Chick-fil-A frys their food in?  Yep, peanut oil!  If I would have gone to my conventional doc I’m afraid they would have suggested removing my gallbladder (which is functioning fine, thank you) and I never would have gotten to the root issue of being sensitive to peanut oil.

I can’t thank Dr. Lon enough for always digging deeper to the root cause of my problems and I have finally learned my lesson to STAY AWAY from ALL fast food and bad cooking oil.

My daughter’s also go to Dr. Lon for energy work and frequent adjustments.  My oldest plays very competitive tennis (6-8 hrs a day in the Summer with tournaments most every weekend) and she thrives on having him put her back in alignment regularly!

Thanks so much for all you do!

~ Sarah Arquette

Before:  “I struggled with muscle aches and fatique, joint-aches for months.  I was very low on energy!”

Now:  “After 3 weeks I no longer have any muscle or joint pain!  My energy has returned and I am feeling better than I have felt in months.  I feel like I’ve taken back control of my body and mind and everything in my life has followed!  I am so thankful.”

~ Andrea Burkett

Before: “As a 21 year old guy I was never too concerned about my health, but something was definitely getting to me. Every Friday I could time my headaches by the clock. I tried everything from hot showers to pills, but the only thing that ever seemed to fully cure my pain was to go to bed. For a while I just put up with it, but then the headaches became more frequent. My family doctor attributed them to “stress” or possibly some type of MSG sensitivity from eating that college cafeteria food. Regardless, I was still in pain and it was ruining my evenings. As if that wasn’t enough, allergy season was right around the corner and I had always had a time with hay, ragweed and cats. Once again, I’d tried it all Claritin to any other allergy medication but none truly prevailed. My girlfriend of five years and I could never fulfill her dream of attending the county fair together because of my terrible allergies. On top of that, Christmas at her grandma’s house was always interesting with “Smokey” the cat. To put it-simply, life wasn’t bad but it certainly had some hiccups. Finally after some talking with my parents they suggested that I go to visit Dr. Nitschke and talk about some of these issues. Now: So I listened, and it has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Since my treatment I have seldom had headaches, usually attributed to forgetting to eat lunch or not eating enough throughout the day. Now I can go out and enjoy my weekends and not have to worry about Friday at six when those headaches would arrive. However, the success doesn’t stop there. He also gave me treatment for my allergies to hay, ragweed and cats. This year was an especially dry year and I was just cringing about the allergy season and how it would affect my summer. I am happy to report however, that for the first time in our five-year relationship, my girlfriend and I actually were able to attend the county fair. I got to see all of the animal showings and walk right through the barns without a problem.”

Matthew Hollis

Before: Originally I came for shingles. I received an immune conditioning with a cold laser. And my care has evolved into chiropractic, nutrition, and even emotional issues. I was dealing with ongoing pain and feeling tired. Now: My pain level is substantially reduced, thank you Dr Lon. I have more energy and feel better. It is very important to have my nutritional needs reassessed on an ongoing basis and adjusted as needed. What a surprise that the most urgent pain was emotionally related. I am so happy my friend told me about Dr Lon. The shingles are resolved and I use a holistic approach to continue remission. Thanks!   ~ Ruby Fifer, DDS

Before: I couldn’t go golfing or mow yard without sneezing, itchy watery eyes and being miserable. Now: I can golf and mow my church yard without sneezing and being miserable. ~ Billy Hassinger

Quite the adventure tonight … Saw Dr. Nitschke, our chiropractor, tonight and he told me (John) that he detected Carbon Monoxide in my system through kinesiology, aka: muscle testing . . . so, thanks to the Lord’s intervention in our lives and Dr. Nitschke, we checked our Carbon Monoxide levels in the house. Let’s just say that the EMS Squad and Fire Dept. just left an hour ago…we had very elevated levels in the house apparently due to our new gas stove. We had to leave by the firemen’s direction tonight. The firemen told us that had we gone to bed tonight, we would have at the very least been very sick and would have had a hard time waking up…if we would have woke up at all! The level of carbon monoxide in our house was at 45+ and they told us that they tell people to leave their homes if its 15! God truly did intervene in our lives tonight! He looks after His children! We’re feeling very thankful tonight, and also there are two firemen in Ballville Fire Dept. tonight who each have their very own copy of the movie ‘Fireproof’! We just “happened” to have two brand new copies sitting in our house! To guard you in all your ways. Friends, ensure that your carbon dioxide detectors do work! Our First Alert CO / smoke combo Wal-Mart alarm detectors that were brand new did not sense the danger! I am buying two new ‘Nighthawk’ CO detectors tomorrow – more money but they are reliable and worth the cost to save a life. We are also grateful to Dr. Nitschke and his skill in kinesiology! It may seem to be a peculiar practice, but we cannot argue with the results!

John & Barb Fehl

More Carbon Monoxide experiences … John’s Carbon Monoxide (CO) experience reminded me that he was my fourth CO case in the last 20 years. First one was a furnace malfunction. Two teenagers were pretty sick as a result. The Second was an automotive exhaust system causing headaches. And just last winter, Kim Collins, a Woodville patient was complaining of fatigue, no energy, headaches, dizzy, confusion, sickness & nausea. When I found CO, she said her husband had just put in a vent-less gas heater to supplement heat. They also called the fire department and found the CO level from that heater to be dangerous. They got rid of it in time. This is the season to be aware. Carbon Monoxide is odorless. You don’t even know you are being asphyxiated.

~ Kim Collins

BEFORE: In the Fall of 2014 I had enough of the symptoms I was experiencing: acid-reflux, raw esophagus, sweating after meals, depression/anxiety, heart palpitations. My family doctor prescribed an acid-blocker for reflux diagnosed me with GERD. I took those for 4 months and my health deteriorated. I lost 35 lbs. in 2 months from lack of nutrition because I couldn’t eat solid food because my throat was so raw and stomach burned so bad. The Gastroenterologist did an endoscope and claimed I only had minor irritation and that most people had that, and he didn’t know why I was so sick, miserable. I made trips to see 4 different Doctors and 3 different Emergency Rooms, begging them to help me, admit me. I was so sick I thought I was going to die. I finally went to see Dr. Nitschke and he said that “MOLD” was what was making me sick—’Toxic Mold Syndrome’. I didn’t believe him at first because I didn’t see any mold in my house. I had a mold company come and they tested. and revealed I did have a mold problem directly below my bedroom in the crawlspace. Little did I know, the lack of moisture barrier created a serious mold problem and it had been leaching up through the wood flooring. I had lived in my house 20 yrs. and with that constant exposure my body wasn’t able to detox fast enough.
NOW: I started eating ‘clean’ and taking supplements to aid my condition. I am healing slowly, but Dr. Nitschke explained that with 20 years of mold exposure, its going to take awhile to detox this from my body/organs.  Even though this illness has been horrifying, I am grateful I have Dr. Nitschke on my side, he is the only doctor that was able to help my condition. Thank You Dr. Nitschke for what you do. now, I tell everyone, “I Love My Chiropractor!” Trish Koppus

“Before: Continuous sinus problems including allergies, some quite severe with facial blemishes I could not get rid of. Much medication was prescribed for me on a non stop basis.
Now: Allergies and sinus problems have disappeared without drugs. Face has cleared and I am breathing much better. ” ~ Michael Cegelski

“Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that you were right on about something I apparently am sensitive to. I don’t know if you remember last year, the first time I saw you, you did the muscle testing on me at the farmer’s market in Fremont. One of the things I reacted poorly to was dairy. I thought for sure that the raw dairy I was using was perfectly fine for me and caused no problems.”
BEFORE: Well, this eczema patch has been on my hand now for over a year, and it frequently itches very intensely. I remembered what you had said last year, and thought I may as well cut out dairy and see if it does anything. (I’m a daily yogurt eater). NOW: I’m both happy (and sad) to report that after two days without it, it’s clearing up and looks better than I’ve seen it in a very long time, with almost no itching. Just wanted to say thanks for putting that little nugget in my brain that I should be careful of it. I’m pretty stubborn about having to change sometimes, but apparently this may be for the best for my body. Brianne Markley

“I truly enjoyed the SP Purification Program! Done Monday, 11 lbs off-to-date. Yahoo!! Never thought I’d enjoy veggies. Roasting cauliflower and broccoli with a dash of olive oil and garlic, YUM!!” . . . And last year Sue said about her Natural Health experience: Before: Dr. Nitschke is an amazing clinician. I was suffering with nausea and vomiting for 15 years that so intense that I was using a medication designed for chemo therapy patients without result, and have undergone several surgeries to correct the problem. At my initial visit, Dr. Nitschke determined that I was sensitive to many foods as well as having increased levels of formaldehyde in my system from years of consuming diet colas to help relieve the nausea. Many of you may remember your parents giving you Coca-Cola syrup as a remedy for nausea; diet colas became my medication of choice. I was also suffering from 20 years of insomnia and nightmares. The medication that I was taking for the insomnia wasn’t helping and when I was able to fall asleep, the nightmares began.

After: After eliminating the foods that I was sensitive to from my diet, using an herbal remedy suggested by Nitschke to aid with digestion and support my immune system, decrease my consumption of diet colas, and add more whole foods to my menu plan, I have completely eliminated the need for the chemo therapy medication, the medication for sleep and am now sleeping four to six hours of collective sleep each night and am free of nausea. What a blessing on so many levels! To say that Dr. Nitschke is an excellent physician with phenomenal diagnostic skills is an understatement as he is also a kind, sensitive and wonderful person. I am very grateful for him as I feel as though my overall wellness has increased significantly as result of his care. Sue Perry

Jane Witmer Reported:
BEFORE: Last Fall (2015), when I first came to see Dr. Nitschke, I had been suffering a long time with very tight muscles in my upper back and shoulder area. It was affecting my neck and causing frequent headaches. I also talked with him about feeling tired and stressed.
AFTER: After 2 or 3 adjustments the problem with my shoulders was almost completely gone. He gave me a quick maintenance adjustment last week and I left feeling very comfortable. After talking with Dr. Nitschke and having him do some simple muscle testing, he suggested some supplements might help with my other symptoms. We also talked about the benefits of following a 21-day cleanse program. I chose to do the cleanse, and to my amazement I really started to feel better overall, and lost 11 lbs. while really enjoying the “real food” that I was eating. It’s been 3 months now, and I am planning to do another cleanse! Jane Whitmer


“I quit smoking years ago with hypnosis but my husband was still smoking in the house, so I started smoking again after 6 weeks. After my husband quit and I was the one still smoking, I decided it was my turn, so I put things in place for myself to make this successful. I called my son and had him take away all of the ashtrays, lighters, tobacco and the electric rolling machine which had all been banished to the garage when my husband quit.

Now after my session with Nichole I am doing very very well! It was nothing magical but it worked! I even have had some unexpected side benefits: things aren’t as stressful, and I can put up with my husband much easier than before! I am more assertive and self-confident and I want to take better care of myself. It is freeing to be relieved of all the things that came along with being a smoker. This was so helpful in so many ways. I look forward to working with Nichole in the future to help me with other areas of self-improvement.” ~ Mary Ann C.


“I quit smoking years ago with hypnosis but my husband was still smoking in the house, so I started smoking again after 6 weeks. After my husband quit and I was the one still smoking, I decided it was my turn, so I put things in place for myself to make this successful. I called my son and had him take away all of the ashtrays, lighters, tobacco and the electric rolling machine which had all been banished to the garage when my husband quit.

Now after my session with Nichole I am doing very very well! It was nothing magical but it worked! I even have had some unexpected side benefits: things aren’t as stressful, and I can put up with my husband much easier than before! I am more assertive and self-confident and I want to take better care of myself. It is freeing to be relieved of all the things that came along with being a smoker. This was so helpful in so many ways. I look forward to working with Nichole in the future to help me with other areas of self-improvement.” ~ Mary Ann C.

Now I can Sleep …

I had about every problem on the list: low energy, IBS, depression, migraine headaches, night sweats, (soaking wet in morning,-sheets, blankets, pillow, my clothes, hair) Had to take sleeping pills, then tried natural sleep aids with no luck, would lay in bed 1-3 hours before falling asleep & would wake up in the
morning tired. No energy during day. Family doctor thought I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-took medicine for it. Had high cholesterol. Took at least 13 pills everyday. And a leaky bladder.
NOW: I can fall asleep naturally-NO SLEEP AIDS. I fall asleep within 30 minutes, sleep all night,(7-9 hours) except for 1 or 2 bathroom breaks and get up feeling awake- not sleepy or drowsy. Have had only one headache in last 3 months and it went away on its own. Have a lot more energy, eating better & quit
Pepsi. Weaning myself off depression pills. Night sweats almost gone & everything getting better.  Elaine C

No More Rescue Inhaler…

“Before coming to see Dr Nitschke, my son Jayson, needed his rescue inhaler on a very regular basis. His medical doctor was looking at increasing his medicine for better control. Since coming to see Dr Nitschke Jayson’s asthma is under control with the current medications without much use of the rescue inhaler. All of my children love Dr Nitschke and his “red laser pen”. Sheri S.


“Before I came in I had PMS and mood swings. Also I had an outbreak on my face that occurred several times the last couple years. I had problems going to the bathroom regularly and severe trouble sleeping.
After only a few visits my outbreak has almost disappeared. I am sleeping a lot better which has made me more happy and alert. I go to the bathroom regularly, and during my last period I had almost no PMS. Coming here has definitely improved my health and I believe in what the doctor does.” ~ Natalie

Food Intolerance Issues …

“During my pregnancy Dr. Nitschke improved my quality of life by 100%. My heartburn went away by taking supplements and my muscle pain and restless leg (RLS)went away with the adjustments and supplements. After my pregnancy I continued to have thyroid and food intolerance issues. Ninety-five percent of the time when I listen to the doctor’s advice regarding diet changes and supplement use my physical issues resolve themselves. There have only been a few occasions in which I have sought my family practice doctor’s care. I am only frustrated with my body’s changing needs. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Nitschke, he has helped to improve my quality of life and helped to keep me and my family healthy. I tell everyone I meet about him and how helpful his care has been. What a wonderful blessing his practice is to the people who find him” ~ Holly H

Walked in the office in pain, walked out with none. First time ever…

“I own and operate a horse business. I currently have 18 horses. Responsibilities include all aspects of caring for the horses; cleaning stalls, feeding and grooming the horses. I breed foal out, train and sell them. Also, I operate a tractor, skid loader and other equipment. My lower back pain was constant. I went to bed with it, slept with it, and woke up with it. Needless to say, I never got a good night sleep. And then it got worse. The pain moved to my left hip. Previous to the pain, I was riding 6-8 horses a day. It got to the point I was lucky got one horse ridden in a day. Then I couldn’t even ride one horse. I had to do something, this was my livelihood. The chiropractor I was using was not helping anymore. Swimming was not helping anymore.
I heard great things about Dr. Nitschke, so I finally made the appointment. It was the BEST decision I ever made. He put me on a total program: adjustments, diet changes, and vitamins. After the first adjustment, I was pain free. Walked in the office in pain, walked out with none. First time ever.
I started taking a vitamin at each meal along with watching what I ate and my digestion improved drastically. Another vitamin for my spleen and the itching on my back and arms disappeared in three days.
To date I still have more appointments to finish. I committed to the total program. My life has already improved dramatically.” ~ Robert W.

I kept gaining weight, was tired all the time, and had no energy…

“My name is Barbara Patterson I kept gaining weight, was tired all the time, and had no energy. I wanted to sleep all the time but couldn’t sleep. I had attended a gym 3 to 4x a week for 5 years and tried their weight-loss program twice, but nothing seemed to work.”

“I went to my family doctor and had blood-work done. The numbers were not good. My cholesterol was 265, my triglycerides 254, my LDL 170 and my thyroid was low. My doctor said if I didn’t get my numbers down I’d have to go on medication and he sent me to a dietician that told me to cut my calories back to 1200 calories a day. The dietician then told me that I would probably still need to go on medication. (That wasn’t a very positive incentive to me!)”

“My sister Brenda called and said she’d found something great that had really helped her, so I came to a Migun Natural Health seminar with her and me Dr. Nitschke. I set up an evaluation with him and these numbers were not good either. On a scale of 0 being bad and 10 being good, my thyroid, digestion, adrenals, heart, and heavy metal were 0’s and my liver a 1. Dr. Nitschke was very positive and understanding and talked to me about concentrating on getting HEALTHY first and then the rest would fall into place. He suggested a 21 day liver & colon cleanse.”

“You can only have fruits, vegetables, water and nutritional supplement shakes along with other supplements and also use the Migun Beds at least 2x/week. I discovered that I “LOVED” vegetables and I didn’t miss breads, meats, or candy. During the cleanse I lost 9 lbs. and 9 3/8”. My energy level is way up and I’m sleeping better. I feel so good!”

“I had my blood-work done again (after 3 mo’s) and the results were great! My numbers were: cholesterol 193, triglycerides 146, LDL 126 and my thyroid was normal!! My family doctor told me to keep up the good work and I didn’t need any medication. Yeah!!!!”

“I’m planning on doing another cleanse in January of 2008 to start the year off right. I thank you Dr. Nitschke for setting me on the right path!!” ~ Barbara P.

Before: “Persistent pain in between shoulders.”

Now: “I felt relief before leaving the office the office and was so delighted when I found that I could do my follow up report of findings appointment the very next day. I am so hopeful of Dr. Nitschke’s program and hope I will have many more success stories to tell you!” ~ Debi M.

Last Tuesday I went to the emergency room suspecting food poisoning from sushi.
I had extreme lower abdominal pain and vomiting. By the time I was released they had convinced me it was heart related, prescribed 3 heart meds and scheduled a heart cath test My blood pressure was running quite high. Next day I presented at the Natural Health Center feeling very weak, and a heavy feeling in my chest and heart.
NOW: Dr Nitschke determined it probably was food poisoning from the sushi causing the lower bowel problem and the body defense system was quite normal. Within an hour involving adjustments and Immune Response Conditioning with a cold laser treatment for the sideeffects of the drugs, I was feeling back to my normal healthy self.
Thank you Dr Nitschke! Now I feel great. ~ Mary A.

“I had server migraines weekly that lasted 2 days, took preventative medication (5 pills a day) and medication that I took at the onset (taken twice a week). My allergies would trigger a migraine so day to day tasks were difficult.”

Now: “i am completely off preventative medication with treatment of triggers: I am able to do more without having migraines. My symptoms have dramatically improved even when I do get a migraine I am functional. My quality of life is so much better now that I am getting a handle on what stressors caused my migraines instead of just taking medication that made me feel terrible.” ~ Crystal T.

“From The upper hip to the ankle the pain I had on a scale of 1 to 10 was an 8. I felt like I had an ice pick in my hip!’  Now: “I can walk like normal and the is at 1. Four treatments and I am like a new man Hurray!” ~ Ronnie H.