More Testimonials

“Bad Cough, rash and just bad allergies overall.”

Now “It has been 4 days without any allergy medicine and the rash cleared up right away.” Olivia R.

“My daughter had headaches for years. For the most part she had a constant headache from the age of 5-6 approximately until we saw Dr. Nitschke. When she was 11 years old we gave her Ibuprofen frequently to help her get through the worst days. She frequently complained that her head hurt and had a dull, pained look in her eyes.

After the very first adjustment, her headache was gone, One adjustment! We were thrilled. A second adjustment was all that was needed. My daughter now doesn’t have any more headaches! If she does the first thing we do is call for an appointment with Dr. Nitschke it has been seven months since we called! I am so very grateful for my daughter to be headache free!” ~ Donella W.

I cannot say enough good about Dr Nitschke and Nicole! I have been relieved of some pretty major issues by going to the Natural Health Center and more of a natural lifestyle including migranes, skeletal pain, and allergies (seasonal and food sensitivity). I have been in bed all day or sometimes for more than a day and left the office with the headache gone. If this was the only benefit I would keep going back for that alone but there are many more! Dr. N helps you understand what is going on with your body and what some of your triggers may be. I have learned a lot by going to him in regard to self care. I never thought I would be able to be hypnotized but Nicole made me fell very comfortable and I was able to “go under”. Go see them and you will not regret it! ~ Chrissy Vail

Dr. Lon was able to help me with a severe skin reaction to something that 3 MD’s – 2 Primary care and 1 Dermatologist- could not figure out. I was in the hospital for 3 days and was discharged with very little improvement. I went to Dr Lon and he had me feeling 50% better within 12 hours and 100% within days. Now when I have a problem the first call I make is to Natural Health Center! ~ Dillon Vail

BEFORE: Our daughter Norah over the past few years had some very unnatural things going on with her lungs. She caught every cold that came by, which always would lodge in her lungs, and she would have a terrible, barking cough for days. We always used natural remedies, which would eventually clear it up, but it would always return, usually in less than a month. Sometimes as short as a few days. After last winter, we knew there was something going on that we couldn’t put our finger on. She was the only one in our family that would get this sick, and have it affect her so terribly. AFTER: Finally, we decided one day to take her to see Dr. Nitschke. She had just caught another terrible cough, and could barely go a minute without coughing. He checked her for a few things that she might be sensitive to, and her body reacted very poorly to formaldehyde. We never even thought that something like that could affect her, but it made sense. We lived in a new house that was only 2 years old, and after researching, we learned that there were a ton of areas where our house was remitting (or off-gassing) formaldehyde that could be affecting her. He treated her specifically for formaldehyde that day we saw him. Even though her symptoms didn’t approve immediately, they did clear up over the course of the next couple of days.

We took her back for a follow up, and he treated her again. She continued improving slowly. After we saw Dr. Lon, we decided to get a homeopathic remedy for formaldehyde to keep on hand in case she got any more coughs. She went for quite a while (4-6 weeks), before getting another cough, and we used the homeopathic remedy right away. It stopped the cough dead in its tracks when she took it. The other problem we had noticed with her was she would cough and wheeze after she would run (asthma-like symptoms). NOW: I am happy to say that while at a “field day” event, she ran 1/4 mile without stopping. There was no hint of coughing or wheezing! She played the entire day with her friends, running most every where she went. She was so happy that she was able to do it. We have also taken steps to reduce formaldehyde emitting products in our home (mainly carpet), and are confident that it is helping as well. Without seeing Dr. Lon, we never would have been able to pinpoint exactly what was going on. I’m excited that we seem to have found the root of the cause, and that our daughter has been feeling so much better! ~ Brianne Markley

Before: I started treatment with Dr. Lon my allergies were bad. was sensitive to mold, pollen, animal fur, dust and grass. I never looked forward to spring and fall cause that is when I suffered the most. After treatment with the BAX Laser and regular adjustments I had a huge change. I was having headaches 3-to-4 times a week. Now: I am mostly headache free and my stuffy nose and sneezing are 90% better. I would say that this has helped me more than taking allergy medication or anything else tried in the past. Therefore, I continue to see Dr. Lon on a regular basis knowing I can get immediate relief to most problems. ~ Dustin Dewey

“I was experiencing heartburn quite frequently and was Miserable at times! My energy-level was low and I was experiencing Hot Flashes.” After my treatment at Natural Health Center my heartburn is barely there… Energy-level is much better and hot flashes are greatly reduced!” ~ Pam W.

“For years I have suffered with sinus and allergy problems and hives. I’ve seen multiple doctors to alleviate the issues. Nothing was working and my allergies, sinus problems and hives just kept getting worse. Since coming to see Dr Nitschke my hives are going away and my sinus and allergy problems have drastically improved.I was also on an anti-depressant for the last 3 years and I am completely off that medication” Sheri S. Oak Harbor, OH

“Before I came here I popped Motrin for headaches like candy. I slept terribly rarely sleeping through the night and that was with Ambien. I absolutely had to have my Nexium daily or my reflux was awful.
Now, I almost never take Motrin. If I start having headaches I come in for a simple adjustment and thy are gone. I do not use Ambien anymore. The natural healing methods along with some whole food vitamins have me sleeping great. Also no more Nexium, again with some simple natural adjustments and whole food vitamins my digestion is great. I feel 10X better than I did before and love the fact that I am taking Whole food vitamins and natural methods in place of over the counter or prescribed processed medications. “ ~ Pat M.