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Meet The Staff Of Natural Health Center

Dr. Lon Nitschke

Dr. Lon became a chiropractic physician in the spring of 1992 after completing the required course of studies and licensing requirements required by government rules and regulations. He started his schooling as a result of personal experience while pursuing relief from his own chronic back pain. Dr. Lon was also at this time researching potential career choices for his son Mark and was so interested and excited by the natural health advantages of the chiropractic field that both he and his son embarked on careers in the field of chiropractic.

After father and son jointly completed their chiropractic educations, they both went their separate ways. Dr. Lon opened his Woodville clinic in July of 1992 after a few months of practice in his hometown of Fremont, Ohio. Prior to opening his chiropractic clinic Dr. Lon had previously been doing several years of work in the field of hypnosis. Since the natural healing benefits dovetailed well with chiropractic philosophies, he also continued to provide hypnosis treatments on interested patients mostly for weight control issues.

Over the past several decades, chiropractic has evolved, changing to keep pace with our modern times.  Dr, Lon now does more energy work focusing on the body, mind, spirit connections, and using more  instrument adjusting. A low force instrument can apply a gentle and very specific adjustment.  Many patients prefer activator or KST to the old style of “rack & crack” is that is commonly known to those familiar with chiropractic techniques of the past.

Energy therapies that have their basis in acupuncture meridians coupled with kinesiology, aka: muscle testing, constitute most of the treatments now administered by Dr. Lon. Such testing determines nutritional deficiencies associated with SAD and modern farming and food processing for commercial groceries. Also the presence, identification and source of toxins and allergens are determined using muscle testing techniques. The most effective therapies and recommendations can then be implemented. Our testimonial page will verify our effectiveness.

Nichole Nitschke LPCC

Nichole Nitschke, LPCC

Hello and welcome! First, let me tell you a bit about myself: I am an independently licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC), a trained hypnotherapist, and a member of the American Counseling Association. I earned my master’s degree in counseling at Bowling Green State University and received my hypnotherapy training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Tempe, Arizona where I also studied mind/body psychology.

I worked at Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services providing outpatient drug and alcohol treatment and mental health counseling to adolescents, adults and families.

With over ten years of utilizing hypnosis and other mind/body healing techniques and thousands of hours of clinical experience along with nearly fifteen years in the mental health field I have fully developed the skills and knowledge of a highly effective therapist.

I provide compassionate, respectful and confidential mental health counseling and hypnotherapy in a private office setting. I work with teenagers, adults, couples and families, helping them to work through personal obstacles and achieve greater emotional freedom and an improved quality of life.

I have the passion to assist each client with achieving any goal, whether it be kicking a dysfunctional habit, weight control, overcoming severe emotional disturbances or reaching their full potential. I believe strongly in treating the whole person balancing mind, body and spirit.

My office hours are by appointment only. Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments are available. You may call the office or send an email to obtain more information or to schedule an appointment.

Visit my website: http://www.counselingandhypnosis.net